People gratitude

Today I am grateful for granddaughters, well I usually am, but today more so. This is because in the past couple of days I have been able to spend some one to one time with two different granddaughters. Different both in ages, in experiences, in family circumstances, in future aims, and in many other ways.
But what a delight to discover their thoughts and ideas about diverse subjects and to see things from their different points of view.

This has given me a greater thoughtfulness about the differences in human beings generally, and the way we sometimes view them from our own experiences and attitudes. We often let theses colour our sights of other people, and instead of taking off our own-experience-own-attitude-own-sometimes-prejudiced-glasses, we peer through them in a perhaps critical manner, pronouncing a- even if unexpressed- view of the kind of persons they are.

So I am posing a question here for you to answer or ignore: Am I the only one who feels sometimes guilty of doing this? Well, perhaps two questions: What is my –our, if you wish to be included in the question- responsibility about such things?
At eighty years of age my mother said that one of her philosophies of life was to live the “Golden Rule”. Is that the answer?


One thought on “People gratitude

  1. The Golden Rule is good. I just try and not judge anyone on what I think they should do/look/be. Sometimes I am good, sometimes I am not – but the point is that i try and don’t just assume that the world would be a better place if everyone was like me, or did/lived like I do.
    Maybe it is just be nice to others in thought and deed.

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