Gratitude to Positivity

My legs got all squishy when I wanted to walk
so I sat them down, for a positive talk.
I said, “If you come walking with me
you”ll feel lots better, just come and you’ll see!”
And so they agreed at least to try
and we toddled off when the sun was high.
They seemed to like that ’cause they said to me,
“You were right, positive’s better than negative can possibly be!”
Somewhere they lost their squishiness as we went along,
and as we walked home, I sang them a thankful song!


4 thoughts on “Gratitude to Positivity

  1. John Woolley says:

    I love this and can identify 100% with the sentiments of the work and the response of my squishy legs. Make them work even if it means singing to them. JPMA (JGW)

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