Gratitude thoughts today

As I sat at the computer this evening wondering about my gratitude note for today I let my mind wander back over the day’s events and there were a lot of things I could express gratitude for. {Many of them will find their way into my prayers, but that is another venue for expressing gratitude}
I am grateful that I had a walk in the rain; it wasn’t the kindly, soft, drizzly sort of rain. It was really a heavy dropping of moisture on my bare head when it began, but I pulled on my hood and my head was dry as I walked. My pants below my rain jacket hem became very wet before I reached home. {When my friend Kerry reads this she will be cross with me for insisting that I walk home!}
Before I reached there the rain stopped and the sun tried to show it’s warm face although it didn’t quite succeed. I soon divested myself of my wet slacks and donned warm, dry ones along with the same of socks so I was no worse than if I had not got wet.
So why was I grateful?
Because I COULD walk, because I ENJOYED the adventure of walking in drenching rain knowing my destination wasn’t far away, and that it waited to give me shelter and warmth.
Because I am FREE and ABLE to make CHOICES for my own actions.
Better not bore you with any more reasons but there are others that I felt grateful for.
When it comes down to it I would rather be a “Pollyanna” than a “Mister Grumpy” about daily happenings.


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