Lovely Things

My life is full of lovely things,
Glitter of stars and whirr of wings.
The scent of roses sweet and deep,
The feel of waking after sleep.
The touch of water laved on skin,
The knowledge of love held within.
Good books to read when I’m at rest,
Walks to take when the day’s at best.
Sound of rain as it softly falls,
Shelter of window, roof and walls.
Friendship offered without a price,
A compliment, “Your hair looks nice”.
Service to give for other’s needs
A garden minus of its’ weeds.
Words that will form into a rhyme,
In older age having more time.
And if I counted any more
I know that there would be a score
Of things not mentioned which are fine,
And which I hold to be just mine;
But which I share with most of you
Who live in places like I do.
But from my thoughts there always springs
A hope that all these lovely things
May grace the lives of those in need
And bless the daily lives they lead,
Till each can have a heart that sings
With gratitude for lovely things.


3 thoughts on “Lovely Things

  1. Lovely Words.
    P.S. You should also “tag” your post with each of these too; poetry, verse, rhyme, gratitude, blessings. The more tags you have the more it is likely to be found by others. ❤

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