Joy of this day

Let’s live joyously!
Disregarding our fear
of the hovering spectre
of war and want that’s near.

Let’s live joyously!
Because we can share
to alleviate others’ needs
and show them that we care.

Let’s live joyously!
Loving while we may,
with a heart of cheerful hope,
for we only have today.


2 thoughts on “Joy of this day

  1. John Woolley says:

    A very timely reminder that we know not what the hour bringeth.The world whilst still a beautiful place I am not in a hurry to leave,is full of despair,tragedy and confusion.Can’t somebody do something to sort it all out before it is too late.

    • Yes, I think the old GOLDEN RULE would sort it all out very well, unfortunately not enough people seem to agree with that princip
      I can’t remember when I wrote that post! maybe you were scrolling through some old ones?

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