On Losing a Friend

Well, I’ve been away a while,
because my friend forgot to smile!
She wouldn’t work and wouldn’t play,
neither in the night, nor day.
I thought that she was prob’ly ill
when she showed such lack of will.
So I called the Doc to come,
she looked and said “There is some
problem here I can’t define,
But I’m glad she’s yours and not mine!”
I thought that heartless but I said,
“If I just put her into bed
Do you think she would get better?”
Doc just said, “I’ll write a letter
But I don’t think there’s any hope!
Now don’t cry. You’ll have to cope!”
So after time I farewelled friend.
You might think that a sad, sad end.
But off Doc went to the shop,
And brought me home a new lap top!

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