My Computer Speaks!

I tried to help a friend,
We got some things done right.
Then the computer program
Went and had a fright!
It changed its mind just then
About what it could do,
I couldn’t really fix it,
Nor I think could you.
It said, “I’m in a tizzy,
Just leave me right alone,
I don’t want to co-operate,
I must be on my own”.
I told it that was selfish,
And unkind at the least.
It rumbled, then spat out
“Just go away, you beast”!
I tried to speak some reason,
In a calm sweet voice,
I pointed out that always
We all can have a choice.
It turned its nose up at my words,
And snarled, “I need a rest!
I wonder how you would like it
If your buttons all got pressed?
And every time you went to sleep
For just a little while,
Someone came and woke you up
And they did it with a smile!
Would you like a cursor
Pointing out your habits?
And words and pictures flickering
Across your face, like gabbits?
Would you like those emails
Bursting on your mind
And bouncing round in circles
Ah, that’s so unkind!
Would you like the mutters
That I hear people say?
Well, I have to sit and take them,
Day after day, and day!
I’d like to see you try
To find the things they hunt,
And when I’m not sure about them
And decide to take a punt,
They get all cross and cranky,
And say things really mean,
Always they’re about ME,
An innocent machine!
So go to bed now please,
And let me be alone!
I crave some time for ME
Just being on my own!
Perhaps tomorrow I’ll feel better,
And help you a little then.
But as for now, all I can say is,
I truly don’t like men!
Oops, I know you’re not a man
In the strictest sense.
Oh, come now don’t do that,
You mustn’t take offence!
Next time I’ll really try
To get that programme right.
But as for now I’m saying,
Go to bed! Goodnight”!


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