Meals On Wheels Delivery

He looked at me
With age-rhuemed eyes,
But yet a smile upon his face.

“How are you today?” I asked,
thinking he looked so frail,
yet still he smiled cheerfully.

“Ah, not so good,” and he sighed.
“Just waiting to die,”
he said hopefully,

I passed the food I’d brought him,
And wondered why
he kept that smile upon his face.

“She’d get mad at me,” he said,
“if I didn’t take good care,
and keep a smile upon my face.”

“But I’ve been here too long without her,
and every day it’s harder
for me to keep smiling, like this”.

“Tell me before you go,” he asked,
“what day is it today?’
“It’s Tuesday today,” I told him.

And as I walked away to leave him
I felt the warmth upon my face
As tears slid down.


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