Half a Hundred

I’ve written fifty posts now, but what have I achieved?
Yes, some people may have read them, one maybe two, comment on them now and then, a few people even follow my blog.
I suppose what I have achieved is that I have a place to put down some thoughts, poems, photos as I feel the need to reach out for human interaction and reaction to those things I express.

Do we not all have that need within us? It may not be so clearly defined or urgently felt in some people as in others, but I believe in John Donne’s statement that “No man is an island”.
An island does have water totally surrounding it, but it is still a part of land. We thus, are each connected to the other by the fact of our humanness.
Our very mortality is the land of out hearts and minds that draws from us the desire to be touched by, and to touch, others lives.

Yes, the water of our different backgrounds, cultures and experiences surround us and may often stop that connection from taking place.
But what about bridges?



One thought on “Half a Hundred

  1. Bridges are a great idea. I will teah you how to do some challenges and then your blog will get “out there” more. You will need to remind me though 🙂

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