Today is my birthday.
I’m not very young,
I’ve written lots of words
My song has been sung.
I’ve been to some places
When I traveled afar.
But sometimes now
I don’t know where I are.
I look for my glasses
They’re up on my head.
I tell stories ten times
‘Cause I forget what I said.
I don’t know what to do
When the computer goes wrong.
Like I said before
I’ve finished my song.
But as that is negative
And I am not
I take that all back
I just forgot!
So here are some things
That I still do.
I don’t care if you’re listening
I’m gonna tell them to you!
I take a walk every day
In the fresh country air.
I do a crossword each evening
As I sit in the chair.
I knit little toys
For kids that are ill.
I sit at the computer
To pay every bill.
I get out my paints
And dabble away,
Sometimes it’s good
Sometimes just okay.
I conduct music at church
When everyone sings,
I work in my garden
Weeding, planting and things.
I deliver meals on wheels
Every week or two.
{I might need them some day
Delivered by you.}
I make cards for birthdays
With a personal touch,
I clean and I cook
But that’s not very much.
Because I live in a house
That’s small but so sweet,
I have all that I need
To make life complete.
My family love me
{Well most of the time}
I hope they don’t mind
Being put in this rhyme!
I’ve printed a book
With my poems galore.
If I want another printed
I have to write some more.
I research family history
For myself and a friend,
It keeps going on
There isn’t an end.
I’ve found thousands of names
All connected to me.
All twigs and branches
On the family tree.
So I’m keeping busy
With happy filled days.
And they’re especially happy
When I feel the suns rays.
Today my family are coming
Bringing afternoon tea.
So all I can say is
Happy birthday to me!


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