Pieces of Paper

My fingers are sorting
Through this full drawer.
For a piece of paper
That I know I saw.

A day or so ago
When I didn’t need it.
But oh, think my mind,
Where was it you see’d it?

Was it in that folder?
Or under that book?
Take a deep, slow breath
And have a better look.

Why keep that old printout?
And that crumpled receipt?
So now I drop them down
To the scrumble at my feet.

Well, there’s nothing in there
That I was looking for!
But I unearthed a photo
Of me when I was four.

And one of the kids
When they numbered five.
Seeing them so young
Made me feel more alive.

So I tipped the drawer up
Till everything fell out.
And I pounced on that paper
With a great hearty shout!

I got out a new folder
To put the other things in.
And now that’s one drawer
That looks as neat as a pin!


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