Late night thoughts

Life gives us options if we are very fortunate.
For those who never have any options, life is very different.

Their circumstances, either before or after birth, have taken away from them
their right to choose, have taken away even their knowledge, never learned, that they have rights.
A right to live, a right to love and be given love, a right to have food and clothing, shelter and care. A right to be accepted by others no matter station, wealth, understanding, ability or lack of it.

Simply because they may not be able to articulate what their rights are is no excuse for us to relieve them of those things that they may need, or which could make their lives so much richer, fuller and happier.

Who will utter
for those who cannot speak?
Who will raise
hands, frail and weak?
Who will feed
the hungry in need?
Who will replace
an excuse for a deed?
One alone cannot
complete so vast a work,
But it can be done
if none of us selfishly shirk!
Let’s give a little help.
Let’s join our words with deeds,
remembering this:
mighty oaks come from tiny seeds.



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