Me and Them

When it comes to computers:
There’s “them” and there’s me.
I wouldn’t get anywhere
Without Girl 3!

If I foul up my system,
She’ll click and she’ll clack,
And before I can say “please”,
Everything’s back!

I have to write down
The tips that she says,
For often I forget,
Or my eyes start to glaze.

I know a little more
Than I did years ago.
But when “it’ asks a question
I want to shout NO!

For what if it’s wrong
And I download some stuff
That attacks my computer
And takes all it’s huff?

Then maybe my Girl 3
Would get so downhearted,
That from this green isle
I’d find her departed.

So I’ll have to be careful
Of all that I do.
But IF Girl 3 can’t come,
Could I call then on YOU?
{Effy or MOAA}


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