Girl 3 is getting “homesick” for the sight of this beautiful range of mountains so I am posting some old pics for her-and you- to see.
For around fourteen years I lived in a home that looked over the valley and up to these lovely peaks. They were a source of ever-springing joy to me, whether in summer when they were bare of snow and the purple shadows shaped their gullies, and cloud shadows sailed their drifts across them. They had a “morning face” when all was clear and easy to read. During afternoons their shades came down and one could only guess at the secrets they held within their folds.
Then in late autumn, or throughout winter’s gloomy days, they donned their mantle of white and crowned the valley with their august presence.
I understand your missing them Girl 3!
They are indelibly imprinted on my mind and my heart, even though they may be hid from my eyes, except on rare occasions when I pass beneath their towering, yet friendly peaks.
“Ah, let us go to the mountains, where the peace and solitude of nature rule.
And we may forget for a time, the things of the world that are hurtful and cruel.”




Snowy Range, Huon, Tasmania





2 thoughts on “Mountains

  1. John G W says:

    Just saw the beautiful Snowy pics and the valley.Read your words. Made me feel homesick Thought of EJ up there in the snow

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