Some time ago I tried to climb
This lovely mountain peak.
But I forgot just how the years
Can race and start to sneak
Up on my unsuspecting bod,
And without a warning clue
They hit me right between the eyes,
And my legs all turned to goo.
I staggered back down the track,
A total liability,
To those two good men
Who had accompanied me.
I made it to the car,
We traveled further down.
And I was getting pleased
To see the little town.
They stopped to let me rest,
Which turned out rather bad.
Because I got rid of
All the strength I had.
I lay there on the grass,
A pitiful, sad sight.
They thought they wouldn’t get me home
Before the fall of night.
So they took me to the doctor
Who waved a needle about,
And after recovery and rest,
They shooed me out.
But Oh, what ignominy!
As I, the climber, was leaving there,
Pushed by my kind grandson
In a wheelchair!
Enid F Woolley©


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