Shopping days

Prices are often up
and fashion sometimes down.
But it’s worth all of that
to live in a small country town.

But there’s just one small thing
That I wonder about,
I’ve tried to figure it
But I can never work it out.

I save all my dollars
For a trip to the city,
To go find, and purchase,
Clothes slinky and pretty.

So I look and compare
In every big store.
But the clothes that I find
Are a frivolous bore!

I come home dejected
With my money intact.
But on another day
It’s a different fact.

For when I need to attend
An appointment or two,
In the same big city
But my dollars are few.

The sleek and slinky frocks,
All charming and pretty,
Feature in every store
All through that big city!
{Enid F Woolley©}



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