Wow! Thanks!

Isn’t it great when something you have wanted for a l-o-n-g time comes to you?
I have to thank Girl 3 for this wonderful reward!
You see I am about to confess a secret: I have always yearned to have letters after my name! Yes, vain I must admit, but there you are [sigh] we all have some vanities don’t we? Well, don’t we? {Please don’t answer if you have NONE!}

And so at last my secret vanity-wish has come true.
I have been given the well-earned title of MOAA [Please refer to your most respected book of titles to discover the names that these letters represent.]
Ah well, if you are too careless to do that perhaps I had better tell you that they are the standard definition for “Mother Of Advanced Age”.
And I am sorry to say that you may NOT dub YOUR mother with those initials, they have a royalty payment attached for their usage.

But that is not all the good news for me, would you believe that there are TWO sets of initials I may now use after my usual name? Girl 3 must be reading my mind about these matters because she has recently dubbed me a CF. {For the uninitiated that stands for Clean Freak!} Sadly Girl 3 has overstepped the mark and started a rumour which I must now quash: I DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT, clean my windows every week!

But I do love the new window cleaning device I recently bought, I just screw the bottle onto my garden hose, wet the windows, turn the little tap on the device and squirt this lovely white sudsy stuff all over the glass, turn off the tap, hose down the windows with water and Hey Presto! I have sparkling windows again. You will have deduced from this that some of the windows in my house are high ones.

Now to refute that vicious rumour I must tell you that I purchased and used that device at least five weeks ago and the only moisture my windows have felt since then has come from the sky. A horrid thought just struck me: do you think Girl 3 may be a little jealous of this new window cleaning device?

AND I will certainly be sending out a spy next time I want to phone Girl 3 to ascertain the truth of her other assertion that she does a mad NF [That’s her speak for Neatness Freak] run through the house while she talks to me.
If she does, isn’t that what MOAAs are supposed to inspire in the minds of their offspring?
And doesn’t she know that as she is speaking to me on the phone I am putting my CF initials into place by giving whatever is nearest a thorough bit of spit and polish?
Signing off now….MOAA-CF


3 thoughts on “Wow! Thanks!

  1. Ah, think you must have been the only person to read that post. Had no other comments whatsoever, on that one.
    P.S you coined the term MOAA, in one of your previous posts, I just letterised it!

  2. I too thought you washed your windows every week! Just goes to show how little I REALLY know. And I read as many of your posts as I’m alerted to, my dear sister and mother, but for some reason which I have not yet figured out (but will attempt to within the next year), I am not being alerted to your posts. I find them interesting and entertaining, and quite creative. Certainly not dull like mine, but you never know, I might up my game in the future. So now I will depart and retire for the evening. Tomorrow I return to Centrelink for the appointment I tried to attend today, only to discover I was a day early. Most unusual for me to be ahead of the time. Cheers. 🙂

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