Did I say that?

I have five grown up kids,
And they will sometimes say to me,
“Mum, you didn’t tell me that”
When I’m as sure as I can be.

That I DID!

Girl 3 will say, “You didn’t say,
Anything about that Mum”
Girl 1 will shake her head because
My voice has been quite dumb.

Who DID I tell?

It must have been Girl 2 then
When I sent that last email,
But she denies hearing about it.
So I have lost the trail.

Who DOES know?

Ah, I get it now, it was Boy 1,
Talking to me the other day.
But , Oh dear, when I asked him he just said,
“Mum you certainly didn’t say”

Who DOESN’T know?

Hooray there’s only Boy 2 left,
I’m sure as sure that it was him.
But when I said, I did tell you didn’t I?
He said, “Mum, your memory’s got a bit dim”

NONE of them know.

But to me it doesn’t really matter,
Because I know I told someone.
It must have been my only sister
Well, now the mystery’s done!

But DOES she know?
E F Woolley©


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