Get the berries that I picked,
Put them in a pot,
Place them on the plate
Of the stove, quite hot.

Let them bubble as they boil,
Till they are nicely squiffy.
Weigh the sugar, tip it in,
Ah, the smells so whiffy!

Stir them about now and then
With my big wooden spoon,
Place some on a saucer,
Mmmm…it’ll be ready soon.

Take the bottles from the oven
Where they are warming up,
Into the pot now I’ll dip
With my old dishing cup.

There; the bottles are all filled
With my blue/black berry jam,
And I’ve a fresh loaf baking,
What a lucky woman that I am!

And there’s a little pudding
That I made for tea.
There’s just so much I’m grateful for.
It means so much to me.



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