Daughters and dah…dah

I think I must be driving my Girl 3 mad the past few days!
Ever since I started this blog business I have had so many questions, queries and yells for help that she must soon be banging her head, not against the wall but against my blog site! Trying to get rid of it, if she has any sense of self-preservation!

But what’s a mother of “advanced age”, {no thank you, I don’t wish to qualify that with a number!}, what exactly is that sort of mother to do if she wants to blog away and gets into trouble with the mechanics of doing it?

After all I don’t know of any “blog assistants”, you know the sort that run around with little tags round their necks stating that they have authority to do certain blog duties. I have never in my short -well to Girl 3 it probably seems long- blogging history, ever seen one. If you have and it doesn’t have a tag saying Girl 3, would you please let me know where you found it? {Just so that I can give her a holiday.}

The trouble with Girl 3 is that she has learned too much about blogging and I have discovered that she knows it, so I revert back to my original question to you: what else is a mother of “advanced age” {Stop asking me, I am NOT going to tell you any sort of number!}to do?
Sleep well Girl 3 and dream up some more wise answers for me!
E F Woolley©


One thought on “Daughters and dah…dah

  1. I’m sure Girl3 is coping just fine, life is a learning experience for us all. MOAA’s (mother of advanced age) have other skills they bring to the mix, so I’m sure Girl3 is benefitting in some other ways. 🙂

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